Friday, April 18, 2008

More Math Fun

Last week I finally finished the last of the three Math Fun
books I've been working on since January for Picture-Window
Books. It was a fun job but I'm glad to be done with it!


knitwritedraw said...


I like you cross species family. What's the story here?

Amy Huntington said...

Love the moose. You do a nice job with browns. I think the turquoise makes it. Don't you thin hats on animals are hard to do. Yours looks great though.

Sarah said...

Thanks Michelle and Amy! Michelle, there really isn't much of a story-- it is an illustration for sets of fruit. First the mother moose went and bought some then she served her family. Ahh the high literature of educational publishing!

Amy, I hate doing hats on animals, I never know where to put the ears! And oh, browns are hard, glad you think it worked!--