Friday, April 11, 2008

Graphic Essay

I had hoped to create a new image each week. I may still do this, but probably not today. This image is part of a graphic essay I just finished for Lion Brand. My first. It was fun to do, but took quite a while for me to figure out all the technical stuff. I think I'd like to try and do more of this kind of writing and illustrating. It is an extension of the illustrations I did for my Jackson Friends books.

Amy is my inspiration for the "knitting spring." Her yarn. We did a yarn exchange and what she sent me, what she hand dyed was so glorious that I really did feel like I was knitting spring.

And one last bit of news. A pod cast with yours truly. Talking about my favorite subjects; children's books, family and knitting.


jeannie brett said...

michelle, love your illustration for this essay! i too, was hoping to post once a week...hopefully i will! We all will!
exciting about the pod cast...i will listen to it when i get a chance! jeannie

knitwritedraw said...

Thanks! Good to hear from you. .. maybe we should challenge one another to the Friday posting~

Amy Huntington said...

I loved it Michelle,
It's good to hear you voice!