Friday, March 21, 2008


Thank you Sarah for the invitation to join this blog and to Amy for putting it together. I am always happy to meet more children's book folks.
Amy, I finished the toy box image we each had to do. I'll post it along with a sketch from a magazine job I am working on.


Amy Huntington said...

I love it Liza!

Liza Woodruff said...

Thanks, Amy. It's hardly recognizable as a toy box, but I think that was just a point of departure.
I am loving your sheep, too. I didn't realize you had your own.

rebecca said...

Your toy box is terrific, Liza! It's fun to imagine just what those two characters are thinking -- are they plotting an escape? Nervously contemplating newcomers to the 'Box? Coveting the remains of a tea party that is just out of their reach?

I love the way the coloring creates the mood of intimacy and the interior space of the box. Congrats on a great piece (and that was a tough assignment, given the size constraints.)

Now I am clamoring to see Amy's interpretation of the Toy Box!!