Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cats and links..

The thrill of the Math Fun books that I have been
working on is waning, but with only 8 spreads to go, I
hope to be done in the next week or so.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd give links to a few blogs
that I love to kill time with when I really should be
I love her work, and her life seems so idyllic to me.
She is an illustrator in Alaska. When it is cold and miserable
here I look at her blog and feel warmer. Although it is so starkly beautiful.
Not an illustrator, but a food writer in France. Reading her blog is like taking a
little vacation.

Anyway, back to work... and taxes..


Amy Huntington said...
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Amy Huntington said...

I love the Allaroundus site! Especially the needlefelted bird. I am still waiting on the "pig" math sketches to be approved! I am going to be 80 by the time I get going on those babies.

jeannie brett said...

hi all~ finally got my profile (at least partially) up. the needlefelted animals too! Reminded me of you, AMY!