Thursday, November 18, 2010


I created scores of images for my new book, A Knitter's Home Companion. Mostly they were for me to help understand the story I was trying to tell and to cheer me on through the long writing process. In the end, only three of those illustrations made it into the book. Lately I have reviewing and recycling them. This one is now on my new website. The home page, of course.


Unknown said...

I love this Michelle, so cozy.. And I love how you created illustrations to help you write. I find it so much easier to write and draw at the same time than to just write.

jeannie brett said...

very sweet Michelle! I too find I have to draw/visualize while working on the writing process. my process seems to be very long and tedious, but not sure if i can do it any other way!
Nice to see you back here Michelle!