Monday, May 11, 2009


I've been figuring out how to make repeat patterns... It is so fun!


jeannie brett said...

OMG i love these Sarah! and by the by...don't you have a new book launch?! congrats! very exciting.

my fav pattern is the violets! love the color combo.


Sarah said...

Thanks Jeannie! Yes, "Perfectly Arugula" came out in Feb. I'm having a booksigning/teaparty for it Saturday at The Flying Pig if you happen to find yourself in VT.

jeannie brett said...

oh what fun! best to you and PERFECTLY ARUGULA!

just love the patterns...what fun!


Liza Woodruff said...

Love the patterns Sarah. Can I have some for dollhouse wallpaper please?

Sarah said...

Thanks Liza! I could print some out for you to use as wallpaper if you'd like..

Michelle Edwards said...

Maybe because I love Maple Syrup, but the last one is my favorite. All are very sweet. Sarah you have a great sense of cute. And that is a compliment. Good luck with your signing!