Friday, February 27, 2009

Pat The Bunny- Ilustrators Friday

Hey, it's lonely here. Where are the rest of you? Spring fever in the East?A sketch from my California trip. .

My kids love the book, Pat The Bunny. Yesterday while reading through Leonard Marcus's book, The Golden Legacy, I found this picture of Nancy Kunhardt holding the knitted rabbit which inspired her mother Dorothy to write the book. I loved the little girl in her wooly snowy suit, holding her wooly rabbit. I am a bit nostalgic today about little girls and baby book , as my oldest, my first baby turns 22 tomorrow. Happy Birthday, Meera!

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Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to Meera! Sorry to be so negligent posting... deadlines. I should be getting more active here again in a few weeks I hope!

There was a great exhibition at the Eric Carle Museum about Pat the Bunny, with dummies and different versions. There was one that had rubber, but was discontinued during WWII because of shortages. I wish I could remember more details!

Amy Huntington said...

Hi Michelle.Maybe a little bit of spring-craving. Yesterday was a very sunny morning with spring birds singing and so warm... but alas it didn't last long. Love your spring pictures with all the green!