Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday sketch

I've been drawing my way around stories these days. Here's a sketch from one of the dummies I've been playing with.


Sarah said...

Hi Michelle,

This is so sweet and so full of energy! How are you doing this-- I love the gray lines. Is it digital?

The book I mentioned in my last post is called Perfectly Arugula-- It is about a porcupine who is kind of like Martha Stewart. It is the first book I've both written and illustrated. The publisher is Sterling and it is coming out next Spring I think..

Amy Huntington said...

Hi Michelle,
I love this sketch. I like to "write" that way too. It's easier for me to see the words that way. Hope you are having a great summer. I have been dyeing and spinning lots of yarn!!

knitwritedraw said...

Sarah- I can't wait to see Perfectly Argula! On Rehov Sum Sum, the Israeli Seame Street, the Big Bird character is a porcupine, Kippy Ben Kipod.
Amy_ I'd love to see what you're spining and dyeing. I am having a great work summer. And have some terrific knitting news. Stay tuned!