Friday, June 20, 2008


I've been watching Amy and Sarah posting and planning on doing the same. It's been a veryhard and strange time here for the last few weeks. The river has finally crested and now all is being focused on getting things cleaned up and back to normal. I wrote a piece about the flood for Lion Brand.

But this morning, before, I did any other work, I gave myself permission to play and draw a bit. I scanned in a page of sketches, turned up the music, tuned out the outside and played in Photoshop. Humbly yours, M.


Amy Huntington said...

Very playful Michelle. I read you Lion article yesterday and was glad to find that you are still "dry". When I look at the news it looks like all of Iowa is/was under water.....PLAY MORE! You deserve it.

Sarah said...

This is so fun Michelle-- and thanks for the reminder that play is important. That was the best thing I took home with me from Kindling Words, but right now I feel bogged down by deadlines.. Maybe I'll do some playing too!

Glad you kept dry through the floods..